Our Story

Nox group is a leader in the hospitality, leisure and recreation life in Israel

  • 2008-2012


First Steps

In 2008, two of the company's founders opened  the Lehman Brothers club in the Tel Aviv port. The club became a proud fulfilment of the vision of the young founders and was a resounding success. In 2009, they expanded and opened Mendelemos, a pioneering dance bar in Tel Aviv. A year later, in 2010, another club opened that still stands - The Markid, located in central Tel Aviv. 2012 marked the end of the first cycle of the company, with one of the most successful assets in Tel Aviv, which is still considered one of the most prominent night spots in the city - The Rubi on Yermiyahu Street.

  • 2012-2013


Seven BOOM

The company barely took a breath, and continued opening new places at a dizzying pace. The first place that officially opened under the group name Nox, was The Morphium club. From the moment it opened, the Morphium hosted the best of the Tel Aviv scene, and was successful for many years. In 2013, the company opened a large summer complex on Ben Yehuda Street called Valium. At the time, about a year after its foundation, the group owned seven nightlife businesses around Tel Aviv.

  • 2013


It’s official: Nox

Towards the end of 2011, when the partners owned five different businesses together, the idea came up to unite them all under one holding group that would manage all the businesses, as the first company in Israel to take the world of bars and clubs one step further. The founders, who by then were not young entrepreneurs by any means, and did not own just one small business, established a group that has changed the face of Tel Aviv and its culture.

  • 2014


New challenges and an Introduction to the Culinary Scene

In 2014, when the group had already established its firm position as Tel Aviv's nightlife company, it was time for new challenges. Their next step was the culinary world, and the first taste became one of the first bars in the city that had a culinary concept,  Zubizo on Ben Yehuda Street. It was revolutionary and exciting, as the company raised the banner of constantly improving Tel Aviv's leisure and hospitality. That year, after touring Munich, Nox brought the Bavarian beer garden experience to Israel and opened two Beer-Garden locations - a beer bar offering Bavarian food and atmosphere, the first in the Sarona compound in Tel Aviv and the second in the Sharonim compound in Hod Hasharon, the group's only business outside Tel Aviv.

  • 2015-2017


Growth and Expansion

In 2015, the company added another business to its portfolio, Kanta, on the roof of City Hall on Ibn Gvirol Street, near Rabin Square, a gastronomic bar that was converted into an events venue called Gagaheir in recent years. Just before the summer of 2016, Nox opened a huge complex (800 sqm) on a wooden deck in front of the water at the Tel Aviv port, The Moon Child, which is still active today and considered one of the leading summer clubs in the country. In 2017, it opened The Atlanta club, which later became synonymous with the hip-hop scene in Israel, and today is considered a real hip-hop institution and a household name in Israel and abroad.

  • 2018-2019


The next step

In 2018, the group set out on an interesting collaboration with the Sheraton Hotel, opening  Verdana bar in the hotel located on the Tel Aviv seashore. A year later, in 2019, the group opened its first restaurant Emesh, located in the magical Lilinblum Street and considered a revolutionary and unique business bearing the signature Nox characteristics. The restaurant combines three different compounds and entertainment experiences - a restaurant featuring one of the most beautiful urban courtyards in the city, a happy bar and a gallery floor for events.

  • 2020-2021


Making the most of opportunities

With the outbreak of Covid in 2020, the company, like the rest of the world, entered a period of inactivity and prepared an informed business strategy for the day after the pandemic. In April 2021, the company reopened all its businesses, as well as two new and unique locations in Tel Aviv. Although it seemed like an extreme step at the time, it turned out to be very successful for the company, which was able to emerge from Covid stronger and with a more diverse portfolio. The first of the new locations is none other than The Capella, established in partnership with the Hajaj Group, a huge panoramic bar spread over an area of 500 sqm on the 14th floor of HaArbaa tower. The second and newest business of the group is The Loli, a beach club and sunset bar on Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv.  The Loli is the first of the group’s businesses to operate both during the day and in the evening.

  • 2022



Hundreds of thousands of patrons pass through the company's bars, restaurants and clubs every month, and we keep expanding our activity in a slow and constant pace. The five-year plan for the perfectly managed group which proudly employs a dedicated staff of about 450 people, includes the opening of a variety of additional new locations in Israel, and a gradual takeover of the field of entertainment and recreation. Nox is the largest hospitality, leisure and recreation company in Israel.

NOX is the largest hospitality, leisure and entertainment company in Israel.