Beer Garden Sarona

Address: Albert Mandler 3, Sarona Compound, Tel Aviv

Open Doors: Sunday-Thursday from 16.00 until last customer, Friday-Saturday 12.00 until last customer

About the place

The first Hebrew Beergarden is located in the most appropriate place: the first Templar colony - Sarona. In 2017, another location was added, in Hod Hasharon. In Beergarden, you can enjoy a dizzying selection of Paulaner Bavarian beers, served in large glasses straight out of the barrel, and a rich menu inspired by the Bavarian cuisine but adapted to the Israeli palate, including rare delicacies like a butchers bun and bone marrow, pumpkin and chestnut spatzle and shrimps and chips. In Beergarden we focus on a homey and personal hospitality, with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The place has a warm family vibe, in terms of design, the chefs’ and waiters’ attitude, and of course in terms of the food. Beergarden Sarona and Hod Hasharon are the perfect place for your next event. Whether you want to have an open space event or an intimate private room arrangement, we're the place for you. On Fridays and Saturdays, the place opens at noon, and quickly turns into a big feast.