Address: LiLinblum 30, Tel Aviv

Open Doors: Friday, from 18.30, Saturday from 14.00

About the place

In a world where time slips through our fingers constantly, it's lucky that there are entertainment places like Emesh. Emesh consists of three spaces:

Dine - in our restaurant you can enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience that will make at least three senses go out of their way.

Party - If you are in a more bouncy mood and want to cloud your judgment a little, our bar is "tailored" for you, it includes a beautiful bar full of alcohol, seating areas, artistic design that is not Arrogant. Seductive and flirtatious music will be played in your ears . Don't miss a dish or two from Chef Kafir Yanin.

Chill - if you want a more relaxed experience, under the dome of the sky, then you will probably enjoy the designed courtyard that includes a bar and comfortable seating areas - in the courtyard, chef dishes are served that match the atmosphere. Emesh also has a gallery that is suitable for private events, business and celebrations - up to 70 people. Emesh allows you to choose your favorite type of experience in one place.